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Kokou, Katerina

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To Vima Online - Greece | 18/04/2007

Young Greek graduates are severely hit by unemployment

"Greece maintains first place in the number of young graduates in Europe, but also in the number of unemployed graduates", points out Katerina Kokou. "This is a record we could have done without: unemployment of young graduates has reached 7% in Greece, which is a record among Europe's 27 countries that display an average rate of 4.6%. This may have something to do with mentality. The Greeks recognise that they attach extreme importance to study. The result is that, right from the sandpit, children are conditioned to study. ... And the students who are not able to get a place in Greek universities turn to other European countries. The problem is that, once back home, young people are overqualified and cannot find adequate work [in Greece]."

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