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Kohv, Hillar

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SL Õhtuleht - Estonia | 03/04/2007

Off to Russia!

For months now, a Soviet monument in the centre of Tallinn has been causing trouble. The Estonian government wants to have the bronze statue removed, but Estonia's Russian minority and the Russian government are appalled by these plans. Hillar Kohv proposes a lasting solution. "On May 9th [the anniversary of the end of the Second World War] the Russians will once again lay flowers at the foot of the bronze statue while Estonian nationalists would love to shoot it to the moon. Although the affair is allowing protagonists on both sides to get their faces on television, most Estonians are weary of the whole thing. If the bronze statue is such an important symbol and the great pride of the Russians, they should just take it to Russia. Then the Russians could bring their flowers there and this would solve the problem for Estonia."

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