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Kohl, Hans-Helmut

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Frankfurter Rundschau - Germany | 14/03/2006

The protests against labour market reforms

Last autumn, the suburbs of France's cities were plunged into a cycle of violence, and it became clear that the republic of freedom, equality and fraternity is a state in which discrimination and marginalisation are predominant features of everyday life," says Hans-Helmut Kohl. "De Villepin took a hard line with the protesters but also made promises – and yet in the end he still decided on a solution, the CPE, which neither the younger generation nor the trade unions are willing to accept. So there's plenty to fuel the imminent conflict, and France has a tradition of preferring revolution to reform. However, between 1968 and 2006 there's not only been the turn of the millennium, but also the a reduction in solidarity and increased individualisation of old Europe's societies."

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