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Köppel, Roger

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1.  Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - Germany | 29/05/2015

Blatter is an honourable man

Blatter's opponents and critics have been trying to blacken his name for years but the accusations always turned out to be unfounded, the editor-in-chief of ... » more

2.  Weltwoche - Switzerland | 21/03/2012

Swiss politician persecuted on political grounds

Criminal proceedings were initiated last week against the right-wing populist National Council and billionaire Christoph Blocher for alleged violations of banking secrecy. But it all ... » more

3.  Weltwoche - Switzerland | 31/08/2011

Protect Swiss banks from the US

The Swiss government is being too indulgent in the dispute over the disclosure of information on US citizens with money in Swiss accounts, writes the ... » more

4.  Weltwoche - Switzerland | 16/06/2011

Badly paid women have themselves to blame

The demand for equal pay voiced by women on Equal Pay Day in Switzerland last Tuesday is unfounded, writes the conservative weekly Die Weltwoche, saying ... » more

5.  Welt am Sonntag - Germany | 13/06/2010

EU wants Swiss money

EU tax commissioner Algirdas Šemeta has announced plans to increase pressure on Switzerland to make progress on an anti-fraud agreement aimed at facilitating the identification ... » more

6.  Weltwoche - Switzerland | 12/05/2010

Roger Köppel on rock-solid Switzerland

Roger Köppel, publisher of the weekly Die Weltwoche, writes in a leading article that the crisis of the euro has highlighted the failures ... » more

7.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 31/07/2007

Roger Köppel on Swiss Patriotism

August 1st is the Swiss national holiday. In an interview conducted by Anne Fournier and Ron Hochuli, Roger Köppel, chief editor of the weekly 'Weltwoche', ... » more

8.  Weltwoche - Switzerland | 18/01/2007

Roger Köppel on Europe's "faulty design"

Roger Köppel uses an article by former German President Roman Herzog as a starting point to discuss Europe's "institutional weaknesses." Herzog had lamented that German ... » more

9.  Die Welt - Germany | 25/09/2006

Swiss referendum on stricter asylum laws

According to Roger Köppel, the Swiss have made the right decision, with what he calls "a rather harmless revision of their asylum laws in comparison ... » more

10.  Die Welt - Germany | 20/03/2006

Joachim Radkau on Wilhelmine society

In conversation with Roger Köppel the historian Joachim Radkau attempts to relativise the image of Wilhelmine society, which according to him has been wrongly described ... » more


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