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Kocher, Victor

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Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Switzerland | 10/03/2011

Rebels are unknown partners

Now that the conflict in Libya has broadened into a civil war an intervention by the West is increasingly difficult, writes the liberal-conservative daily Neue Zürcher Zeitung, commenting that intervening on behalf of the rebels would mean supporting a warring faction: "The peaceful demonstrators slaughtered by Gaddafi's troops are a thing of the past. Should a no-fly zone be imposed so as to keep Gaddafi's air force grounded and let the rebels march on Sirt and Tripoli under international protection? That would mean effectively taking sides with one party in a civil war, a side about which no more is known than that it is against Gaddafi. It will take considerable time before we can make a sound assessment of this new partner, and the same holds for what it would do if it manages to bring more than just a part of the country under its control. ... The noble slogans of a new era supposedly based on a respect for rights are easy to chant, but not so easy to put into practice."

Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Switzerland | 25/02/2008

Cyprus chooses a communist president

"Cyprus is the first state within the European Union to elect a communist president,” writes Victor Kocher. "The 61-year-old career politician Demetris Christofias - a Moscow-educated historian, longtime leader of the Cypriot communist party Akel, with a parliamentary mandate since 1991 and president of the parliament since 2001 - turns out in fact to have some characteristics of an apparatchik. But his party, under societal pressure well before the fall of the Soviet Union, generally turned into a socialist movement, similar to the German Left-wing PDS Party. There are some traces to be felt in Christofias' campaign promises, primarily in his emphasis on social policy and on the use of historical ties between left-wing groups in both parts of the Island to forge a just solution."

Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Switzerland | 31/01/2006

Hamas' Election Victory

After hearing the comments made by Khaled Mashal, head of Hamas' politburo, Victor Kocher says he detects a carefully-implemented Hamas strategy: "The first hypothesis put forward by Mashal at his big press conference in Damascus was: 'the Oslo autonomy agreement is dead and has no validity whatsoever.' This means that Hamas can look on calmly as Israel and its friends put a financial garrotte on the autonomy authorities. This is the surest way to get rid of the last remnants of the Oslo legacy. The fact that, at the same time, the Western pioneers of democracy would be dismantling the legal framework for a future changeover of power through elections by allowing this to happen is regarded with smiles by today's Islamist election winners."

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