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Koch, Klaus-Georg

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Berliner Zeitung - Germany | 09/10/2007

The Euro Zone to speak with one voice

Klaus Georg Koch points out that there is no such thing as "the euro exchange rate" because the rate of exchange with the dollar determines only a certain proportion of the trading. "If you want a more precise estimate of the impact of the euro's exchange rate on exports from euro zone countries, you have take into account the weighted average of exchange rates with the different trading partners, and such an analysis will reveal several surprises. For different reasons some currencies like the US dollar, the Japanese yen and the South African rand have depreciated against the euro. The Russian rouble and the Swiss franc have also gone down slightly. Other currencies like the Swedish crown, the Danish crown and the Australian dollar have remained stable against the euro over the past few years. And then there are those that have gained in value like the Norwegian, the Czech and the Slovak crown. Turkey's currency is also on the up. Therefore there can be no talk of a general upvaluation of the euro."

Berliner Zeitung - Germany | 10/09/2007

Klaus-Georg Koch on converts

"After mafia killers, Taliban fighters, paedophiles and private-equity executives, last week a new group joined the ranks of the life-threatening villains: religious converts," writes Klaus-Georg Koch. He asks whether this section of the population also needs to be put under close surveillance following the arrest of two German terror suspects. "Today's converts to militant Islam have caused a double scandal. We see them as traitors who have conspired against the gullible majority behind its back. But the scandal goes further. The converts depict the secular societies of the West as something that deserves to be punished with contempt and worse... In order to distinguish between radical and violent, secular society feels it has no choice but to start monitoring converts and their associates. And because it seems to be losing sight of the difference between the two, secular society would do well to start monitoring itself along with these denominational frontier runners."

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