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Kocbek, Darja

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1.  Večer - Slovenia | 21/11/2015

"Mini Schengen" and other signs of decay

In view of the refugee crisis the Dutch government has called for the creation of a "mini Schengen" zone in which passport-free travel would only ... » more

2.  Večer - Slovenia | 27/10/2015

At least the fighting has subsided for now

In view of the fact that the leaders of the Balkan states were blaming each other for the situation the plan represents at least some ... » more

3.  Večer - Slovenia | 05/08/2015

Obama reminds Europe of climate targets

After US President Barack Obama presented his climate protection plan on Monday, the liberal daily Večer hopes that Europe will refocus on its own climate ... » more

4.  Večer - Slovenia | 06/05/2015

EU citizens don't benefit from upturn

The EU Commission on Tuesday raised its economic forecast for the European Union as a whole to 1.8 percent. But the people aren't benefitting at ... » more

5.  Večer - Slovenia | 15/12/2014

Employee a pawn in Lux Leaks case

The Luxembourg public prosecutor's office is pressing charges against a former employee of consulting firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers suspected of leaking documents about tax deals between ... » more

6.  Večer - Slovenia | 27/11/2014

Private investments just wishful thinking

The EU budget will provide 16 billion euros and five billion more will come from the European Investment Bank. This is supposed to provide backing ... » more

7.  Večer - Slovenia | 13/11/2014

Juncker hasn't turned over a new leaf

In his speech before the EU Parliament on Wednesday Juncker said he saw no conflict of interest between his former position as prime minister of ... » more

8.  Večer - Slovenia | 11/06/2014

South Stream halt shows EU's double standards

After Bulgaria's provisional halt to preparations for constructing the South Stream gas pipeline at the European Commission's behest, the conservative daily Večer condemns the EU's ... » more

9.  Večer - Slovenia | 17/01/2014

Troika representatives act as if unimpeachable

The European Parliament has called for more controls on the activities of the troika in European crisis countries. This week Economic Commissioner Olli Rehn, the ... » more

10.  Večer - Slovenia | 24/09/2013

The Eurozone's problems still unsolved

Merkel's election victory can't conceal the fact that her rigorous austerity measures aren't working in the EU, the conservative daily Večer observes: "The deteriorating situation ... » more


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