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Kobus, Justyna

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Dziennik Gazeta Prawna - Poland | 11/06/2007

Lech Majewski on the non-depictability of the world

Lech Majewski's video installation 'KrewPoety' (Poet's blood) and his film "Szklane Usta" (Glass Lips) are big hits with the audiences at this year's Venice Biennale. Majewski, one of Poland's most renowned directors and video artists, talked to Justyna Kobus about his work. "I have my own, very personal experiences, and I tell people about them. I try to penetrate deep into the human psyche. I often discover light and dark sides to my own psyche which are impressive in the diversity of their meanings. I firmly believe in the non-depictability of this world - of the experiences, views and images which make people what they are. This is why I seldom offer the viewer messages in words, which directly suggest an idea. I have a growing dislike for words. Words can restrict our freedom through their linearity and through their abuse. I don't use words in either 'KrewPoety' or 'Szklane Usta' and this expands their range of meaning."

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