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Kobosko, Michal

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Newsweek Polska - Poland | 25/08/2008

China opens to the world

The news magazine Newsweek Polska believes the Olympic Games helped China open up to the world: "The world is wondering if the Olympic Games will change China at all. Nothing happens quickly and painlessly there. But today a new generation is having its say - people who were born after 1980, when the state to all intents and purposes forbid families from having more than one child. These young people are well situated and well educated, and for them Mao is more a pop icon than a charismatic chairman. In the 16 days of the Olympic Games the young Chinese opened up to foreigners and came much closer to the outside world. ... They will now do much to ensure that things remain that way."

Newsweek Polska - Poland | 15/10/2007

Poland's election campaign

The news weekly's chief editor, Michal Kobosko, comments on the TV debate between Donald Tusk and Jarosław Kaczyński: "The PO leader, widely thought to be doomed to failure, excelled himself and beat the born winner Jarosław Kaczyński. Tusk's fans talked of a knockout, while the prime minister's supporters concealed their feelings behind the word 'tie'. ... But the frequently asked question of why most of those entitled to vote in Poland don't go to the polls remains unanswered. A well-known political expert recently said he was contemplating switching careers because of this. There's something wrong with the Poles. In the new member states of Europe, as well as in the so-called old democracies, average voter turnout is between 70 and 80 percent. Ours is 30 percentage points lower than average. It's understandable and logical that the poorly educated vote less frequently, but the majority of our young people don't vote either."

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