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Kobenter, Samo

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Der Standard - Austria | 11/04/2006

Confronting history the Austrian way

"Austrian President Heinz Fischer has finally admitted to the thing Austrians have long declined to hear or have denied: that the wicked fairytale according to which Austria was the first victim of National Socialism is, at best, logical in its beginnings, but as far as historical fact is concerned, as false as its impact has been disastrous, writes Samo Kobenter and comments: "Better late than never. Particularly in an election year like the present one, some interesting insights can be gleaned from this – for example whether those politicians who will be shaping the near future have learned something from this delusion, which has so greatly influenced our identity. However, in view of the Austrians ever-readiness to engage in power struggles, there's more likely to be a tacit agreement never to even broach the subject.”

Der Standard - Austria | 05/04/2006

The integration of immigrants

The newspaper discusses the different citizenship tests in Denmark, France, Greece, the Netherlands and Great Britain and which are now under disussion in Germany and Austria. "The Austrian version foresees the introduction of 'citizenship tests' which, if applied to Austrian citizens under threat of expatriation, would leave entire regions of the country empty. Even the most ingrained inhabitants of Upper Austria would have problems answering questions like 'In which Upper Austrian town are there two famous winged altars?'", Samo Kobenter mocks, adding, "This is a constant feature of the tests: under the pretext of improving their knowledge of Austrian history and culture, future Austrian citizens will have exactly the type of small-minded provincialism drummed into them which people deny exists here."

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