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Klein, Raymond

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Woxx - Luxembourg | 29/06/2007

Raymond Klein says the European right has lost its credibility

Columnist Raymond Klein sees an historic opportunity for the European left in the recasting of the constitutional treaty into a 'mini-treaty'. "The disavowal of the constitutional project by centre-right governments was dictated first and foremost by the desire to avoid putting the new text to a popular vote. ... Now, for months they've been chewing our ears off with this discourse on the democratic dimension of Europe and dialogue with its citizens. By acting in a completely contrary manner, the right looses all its credibility as a player in European construction. ... The political forces on the right who concocted this deal make poor Europeans. The ball is now in the other camp's court. It's up to political forces on the left to develop and propose an ambitious project for Europe, united around social values."

Woxx - Luxembourg | 26/01/2007

In search of a second wind for the Constitution in Madrid

The journalist Raymond Klein has little faith in the attempt initiated in Madrid to relaunch the project of a European constitutional treaty. "The marvellous mechanism is already stalling: a second meeting due to unite all Member States has just been cancelled. The attempt to use the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome in March to revive European enthusiasm may well fail. The history of European construction is made up of progress and openings, but also marked by the liberal straying of the last twenty years. It would be difficult for a constitutional text perceived as the consecration of this evolution to conquer the support of the 'pro-European no-voters'. At the same time, a less liberal, more social text would run the risk of losing the 'right-wing yes'."

Woxx - Luxembourg | 05/01/2007

The disunion of the European left

"The left-wing pro-Europeans and defenders of an alternative Europe, are not carrying much weight, paralysed by its divisions and resent", considers Raymond Klein, pondering the debate around the European Constitution. "On the one hand, the 'critical yes' camp would need allies on the left to push towards developing the Union in its economic and social domains. But how to appeal to the 'no' camp when it is they who 'ruined everything' by fighting a text considered 'the least worse' than any other? On the other hand, the 'European no' camp cannot be contented with the sine die adjournment of the current construction process if they really want to see a 'new Europe' emerge. But in order to start reconstruction in this direction, they need to ally themselves with the 'critical yes' camp, the 'traitors', as they are called. Nobody, from either side appears prepared to seriously envisage this. The affirmation of partisan identity seems to be of more importance than European convictions."

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