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Kivu, Mircea

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1.  România Liberâ - Romania | 24/07/2014

Liberate wheelchair users from house arrest

Hundreds of demonstrators took to Bucharest's streets to demand a more pedestrian-friendly and wheelchair-friendly city on Sunday. Wheelchair users are virtually excluded from public life, ... » more

2.  România Liberâ - Romania | 30/10/2013

Romanians know what to expect from politicians

With a 60 percent approval rating, the Romanian government continues to enjoy widespread popular support although it has suffered setbacks on certain issues: a failed ... » more

3.  România Liberâ - Romania | 03/04/2013

Bucharest sacrifices dozens of listed buildings

The city of Bucharest had the Hala Matache, a listed building for the preservation of which NGOs have been campaigning since 2010, torn down last ... » more

4.  România Liberâ - Romania | 27/03/2013

Romania needs more citizens' initiatives

Only 20 percent of Romanians work with grassroots organisations or associations, the latest Eurobarometer statistics reveal. This stands in stark contrast to the fact that ... » more

5.  România Liberâ - Romania | 09/01/2013

Private company influences Romanian mayors

Twenty-eight mayors in the Romanian district of Alba have called in a memorandum for the resumption of gold mining, which was stopped after an environmental ... » more

6.  România Liberâ - Romania | 14/11/2012

Transylvania wants to justify goldrush

Thirty-five communities in the Transylvanian county of Alba will decide on Friday whether to hold a referendum together with the parliamentary elections on December 9 ... » more

7.  România Liberâ - Romania | 15/12/2011

Romanian politicians won't engage in dialogue

Romanian politicians are unbearably opinionated on talk shows, the Romanian sociologist Mircea Kivu comments in the daily România Liberă and describes his impressions: "A politician ... » more

8.  România Liberâ - Romania | 05/05/2011

Romania fights corruption in vain

Romania's Supreme Court on Wednesday sentenced former agriculture minister Ioan Mureşan to seven years behind bars for corruption, however he can still appeal the judgement. ... » more

9.  România Liberâ - Romania | 31/03/2011

Unionists make unions unpopular

The head of one of the largest Romanian unions, Marius Petcu, was caught last week by the anti-corruption authority DNA accepting a bribe of 40,000 ... » more

10.  România Liberâ - Romania | 17/02/2011

Legalise prostitution in Romania

The Romanian parliament has introduced a bill to legalise prostitution in the country. The initiative is opposed by the Church, which sees it as an ... » more


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