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Kissler, Alexander

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Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | 14/02/2006

The Concept of the Abrahamic Religions

Alexander Kissler notes that since the cartoon dispute began the three Abrahamic religions are increasingly turning their backs on the concept of dialogue between the religions based on their common genealogy. "Those who in the past have called for dialogue between these religions seldom neglected to point out that Judaism, Christianity and Islam had much in common. After all, the monotheistic religions all have the same progenitor: Abraham." Kissler explains that these religions are now distancing themselves from each other. "Slowly but surely, these religions are bidding farewell to the concept of the three Abrahamic religions. By taking part in this secular discussion, they are sending a theological message. They're burying a concept which has obviously proven to be invalid, counterproductive to dialogue, and contentious. Today, Abraham is a divisive rather than a unifying force."

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