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Kirby, Terry

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The Independent - United Kingdom | 12/07/2006

Tribute to the 'mythical' Syd Barrett

Journalist Terry Kirby pays homage to Syd Barrett, co-founder of the groundbreaking rock band Pink Floyd, who has died in Cambridgeshire after a life of drug battles and reclusion. He was 60. "Despite the fact he had not produced any original work since the early Seventies, Barrett remained an iconic, almost mythical figure in music. He was a presence whenever Pink Floyd performed, and was cited as an influence by contemporaries such as Pete Townsend and David Bowie, and groups such as The Cure, Placebo and The Libertines. In Tom Stoppard's new play Rock'n'Roll, showing in the West End, he is portrayed in the opening scene, and his life and music are a recurring theme. ... No-one now doubts that what was dismissed in the Sixties as just another case of LSD abuse was more likely to have been schizophrenia, Asperger's Syndrome or another type of autism, aggravated by the drugs."

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