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Kinsella, Tony

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The Irish Times - Ireland | 07/07/2008

The end of the nation state

The Irish Times reflects on the consequences and challenges posed by the 'waning nation state'. "The last 200 years have literally seen an explosion of nation states across our planet. Most of them, like our own, are relatively new. ... We have long understood that it is in our common interest to pool our individual sovereignties into collective bodies, local authorities, national governments and, more recently, into international structures. That sovereign power is ours to pool and delegate as we see fit. ... If, as seems likely, the nation state model is reaching the end of its central existence ... we will probably develop more directly mandated international structures. As we do so, the strength of national institutions is likely to wane, and local governments will be the other major beneficiary. ... If we mandate international authorities to tackle global challenges, we will need to balance that by strengthening the role and power of our local and regional bodies."

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