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Kington, Miles

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The Independent - United Kingdom | 21/08/2007

Should bullfighting be banned?

"Bullfighting is alive and well in the south-west of France, even if most of the stars are Spanish imports", notes the journalist Miles Kington who often holidays in France. "They also have their own form of bull sport down in Les Landes called 'courses landaises', in which the bull or fierce cow is not injured at all. ... I went to a session of it once and did not enjoy it, especially when one young man was badly gored. It was on that evening that I decided my long fading romance with bullfighting ... was well and truly over. Interestingly, a lot of French now feel the same. There is a powerful anti-bullfighting lobby in France. While I was over there, they tried to put a 30-second commercial on French television showing how cruel it was. The commercial was banned. Why ? Because the regulator thought people might be distressed by the cruelty of the bullfighting which was shown. So the cruelty can be seen live, in an arena, but not on film in a protest against it. I wonder if Descartes could explain that one to me..."

The Independent - United Kingdom | 04/08/2006

Mad about lists

Columnist Miles Kington pokes fun at the British predilection for making lists after a rival newspaper, The Times, published a list of the '100 Greatest Books ever', asking readers how many they had read. "If we ever compile the 100 stupidest questions ever asked by a newspaper, that would surely qualify. It's all very well for trivial television channels like BBC and ITV to base programmes on people voting for the 100 best films, sitcoms, funny scenes, musicals, etc etc etc, and thus to manufacture meaningless broadcasts out of cheap material, but to have a serious newspaper get in on the act is... What am I talking about? It's only to be expected. Nowhere is safe these days from the compulsion to make meaningless lists. Not even Penguin Books. For it is they who have decided to issue their choice of the 100 greatest books of all time, and what The Times has done is merely to print the list..."

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