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Kilner, Anders

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Göteborgs-Posten - Sweden | 25/04/2006

The lessons of Chernobyl

Following the nuclear accident of 1979 in the American town of Harrisburg, the Swedes decided by referendum to gradually pull out of nuclear power, setting 2010 as the target date for complete withdrawal. Twenty years after Chernobyl, Anders Kilner says people should rethink their position on nuclear power. "The government seems to approve of Sweden importing great amounts of energy. This energy is produced using coal, petroleum and nuclear power. At the same time, production in Swedish nuclear power stations has been discreetly increased. Although it seems there's coal enough to last for many years, is it really more responsible to accept the resulting greenhouse effect but refuse to even discuss the final disposal of nuclear waste deep under the earth? All over the world, new reactors are being built. We, too, need new and more efficient nuclear power stations."

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