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Khristov, Khristo

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Dnevnik - Bulgaria | 23/07/2007

President Parvanov was an agent

Last week it was revealed that current Bulgarian President, Georgi Parvanov, worked as a historian for the Bulgarian security service when he was young. Christo Christow comments. "'I admit that I worked for the state security. Please forgive me.' Not once in the past 17 years have we heard such a confession when it was about people having worked for the totalitarian regime's repressive apparatus. ... Here in Bulgaria, publicly exposed agents and informants always claim they acted out of love for their home country or for the sake of national interests, and thus have nothing to be ashamed of." He adds that over the past 17 years of the difficult process of transition, "Bulgarians have witnessed enough manipulation and seen enough files. And now we are once again witnessing how a fact that pertains to our head of state was long kept secret, and therefore turned into the manipulation of the entire Bulgarian society."

Dnevnik - Bulgaria | 07/05/2007

Bulgaria asks Moscow to return secret documents

Bulgaria is demanding the return of documents that the Soviet Army carried off to Moscow during World War II. Christo Christow comments: "Up to now, only one Bulgarian administration pressed Moscow about the return of the archive: the 1991 government of Dimitar Popow ... From this perspective, the renewed demand 16 years later is an important step in the right direction. International practice has shown that such questions - about archives and touchy historical issues and cases – can only be resolved politically, and on the highest national level. That also became clear in the decade after the fall of the Soviet Union, when Russian President Boris Yeltsin handed over documents to his Polish colleague Lech Walesa that described the mass murder of 15,000 Polish prisoners of war in 1940 near Katyn... It's even a bit odd that so many 'patriotic' Bulgarian politicians show little interest in getting a hold of documents about their own history from Moscow."

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