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Keza, Lora

Greece, To Vima

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1.  To Vima Online - Greece | 06/07/2014

At last an honest party in Greece

The To Potami party, which was founded in Greece in March, has now officially elected journalist Stavros Theodorakis as party leader. The party has already ... » more

2.  To Vima Online - Greece | 05/12/2013

Greek banks should write off failed mortgages

The troika has urged Greece to resume the forced sales of houses whose owners can no longer maintain their mortgage payments due to the crisis. ... » more

3.  To Vima Online - Greece | 04/11/2013

Sunday shopping is liberal nonsense

At the behest of international creditors the Greek government has pushed through a controversial commercial reform whereby stores may remain open on Sundays. The left-liberal ... » more

4.  To Vima Online - Greece | 26/09/2013

Stop junta nostalgics in Greece

A group in Greece calling itself the Special Forces Reserve Union has called for a large demonstration on Saturday and the formation of a "government ... » more

5.  To Vima Online - Greece | 14/11/2011

Papademos doesn't need far right

For the first time since the end of the military dictatorship in 1974 a far-right nationalist party, the Popular Orthodox Rally (Laos), is to participate ... » more

6.  To Vima Online - Greece | 04/01/2011

Border fence to protect Greeks from migrants

The Greek Ministry for Citizen Protection plans to erect a 12.5 kilometre long fence along the Evros river which forms the border with Turkey to ... » more

7.  To Vima Online - Greece | 10/11/2009

Neoliberal health concerns

The left-liberal daily To Vima says it can understand to a certain extent the negative reactions to US President Barack Obama's health care plan: "The ... » more

8.  To Vima Online - Greece | 24/09/2009

Greece must not become a refugee camp

Columnist Lori Keza writes in the left-liberal daily To Vima that Greece has intentionally acted as the black sheep of European asylum and migration policy ... » more

9.  To Vima Online - Greece | 25/06/2009

Berlusconi: blame it on biology

In the daily To Vima the columnist Lori Keza pokes fun at the love life of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi: "Uncle Silvio has certainly ... » more

10.  To Vima Online - Greece | 07/05/2009

Criticism of the ban on same-sex marriages in Greece

A court on the Greek island of Rhodes declared two marriages between two homosexual couples invalid on Tuesday. The desire to marry of many Greek ... » more


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