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Keseling, Uta

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Die Welt - Germany | 01/02/2006

No Tram Route between Frankfurt and Slubice

Uta Keseling tries to analyse why the inhabitants of Frankfurt on the Oder oppose the construction of a "distinctive symbol for the new Europe". In a public survey they voted against the construction of a new tram line which would cross the River Oder into the neighbouring Polish border town of Slubice. "Now the citizens of Frankfurt, along with their bridge, have once again refused the chance to make history. They're very wary. Perhaps the idea of being transported across the river in a highly symbolic, EU-funded means of transportation put them in mind of the Trojan Horse. Or perhaps they simply regard the journey from Germany to Poland as a personal matter, as a journey that they want – or even must – make themselves. That nobody had expected them to turn down this project may simply be due to the fact that, until now, it's not been common practice to ask citizens if they want to take part in an historical event before that event takes place."

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