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Kerles, Marek

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Mladá fronta dnes - Czech Republic | 28/03/2014

Czechs repudiate their beer culture

The Czechs, traditionally world champions in beer drinking, seem to be less and less partial to the joys of a cool draught, as the dwindling consumption figures indicate. Wine consumption, meanwhile, is on the rise. Should we be ashamed at showing so little respect for our beer tradition? the liberal daily Mladá fronta Dnes asks: "If the Czech Republic was unique for one thing in the world, then for its beer culture. But while neighbouring Bavaria lures tourists with its brew, the Czech Tourist Authority is trying to attract them with Moravian wine. You get the impression that we Czechs still drink a lot of beer, but that it's more a source of embarrassment for us than anything else. Politicians no longer toast an election victory with a pint of local ale. The winegrowers are in a position that the brewers can only envy. ... But even they admit that their most influential lobbying work has a dark side to it. Even though quality wine is produced in Moravia, wine stores are full of wines of dubious origin that have never been anywhere near Moravia."

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 21/02/2012

Austrians don't like Czechs

According to an Austrian study, the number of Lower Austrians who are content with the open border to the Czech Republic has risen from 46 percent in 2000 to 65 percent today. But old prejudices still prevent many Austrians from visiting their neighbour, the conservative daily Lidové noviny writes: "A growing number of Czechs travel to the Alps, where they are becoming important customers. But that's not the way it works the other way round. Of all the foreign visitors to the Czech Republic the Austrians take only 11th place. Some historians point to prejudices left over from the days of the monarchy, while others say the Austrians simply prefer to travel to the Mediterranean. But that would also have to apply to the Germans, the foreigners who visit us the most. No, the scarcity of Austrian tourists really does have to do with prejudices that are very difficult to dislodge. Only when the Austrians start to flood into Prague and other cities the way the Germans do can we talk of an improvement in our relations."

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