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Kepel, Gilles

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1.  La Repubblica - Italy | 23/11/2011

Egypt needs second revolution

The military council in Egypt announced on Tuesday that it was bringing the presidential elections six months forward, meaning that they would take place in ... » more

2.  Le Monde - France | 03/05/2011

Arab revolutions end the Jihad

Politically Osama bin Laden has already been dead for some time, writes the left-liberal daily Le Monde: "Osama bin Laden's physical death comes after the ... » more

3.  La Repubblica - Italy | 27/07/2006

Gilles Kepel on the deteriorating situation in the Mideast

Gilles Kepel, a political scientist and Islam specialist, believes the current crisis in the Middle East signals a failure of American policy in the region. ... » more

4.  Dziennik Gazeta Prawna - Poland | 31/05/2006

Gilles Kepel on Muslims in Europe

Talking to Maciej Nowick, Paris-based political scientist and Islam expert Gilles Kepel explains the difficulties with the integration of Muslims in the Western world as ... » more

5.  Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Switzerland | 22/05/2006

Gilles Kepel on Al Qaida

A group of researchers led by the French Arabist Gilles Kepel has translated texts allegedly published by al-Qaida on the internet. The translations appear in ... » more

6.  Libération - France | 31/01/2006

Controversy over the caricatures of Muhammad

Gilles Kepel, a professor at the Institute of Political Sciences in Paris and a specialist in the Muslim world, says in an interview led by Marc ... » more

7.  L'Express - France | 26/01/2006

Kepel on the application of sharia law in Europe

Gilles Kepel, a specialist in the Muslim world, explains in an interview with Eric Conan and Christian Makarian how Europe has become a 'land of Islam', a ... » more


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