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Kende, Péter

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Élet és Irodalom - Hungary | 27/04/2007

Secret police scandal involving conservative politician János Martonyi

Hungary has a new secret police scandal. Last Friday journalist Péter Kende revealed in a weekly newspaper that former Hungarian Foreign Minister János Martonyi delivered reports to the Hungarian secret police in the 1960s, and that secret police files confirmed this. According to the files, Martonyi wrote among other things reports on the Hungarian emigrant scene in Germany and France. Martonyi is a member of the right-wing conservative Fidesz party, which is constantly criticising the ruling Socialists for their past ties to the secret police. Kende comments: "Is there anything more important than having a trustworthy foreign minister ? This is crucial, not only for the country's international reputation but also for the role of a politician in domestic politics. One must now doubt the personal integrity of János Martonyi." Kende writes that Martonyi admitted in an interview on April 16, 2007, that his code name had been IM "Marosvásárhelyi". After the article appeared, Martonyi refuted the allegations in an interview with the Hungarian press agency MTI."

hvg - Hungary | 16/03/2007

Péter Kende on France's struggle for power

The EU is being weakened by France's struggle for power, observes Hungarian-French political expert Péter Kende in an interview with Júlia Vásárhelyi. "In the global race France has pinned its hopes on Brussels in order to preserve its role of counterbalance to the last remaining superpower, the US. This isn't working because up to now political unity within Europe has been defeated by the member states' distrust of each other. France shares this distrust and is even partially responsible for it. The fact that two EU member states are permanent members of the UN Security Council leaves no room for a united Europe, because France and Great Britain refuse to give up their votes in favour of the EU. Since reunification, Germany has overtaken these two countries both economically and politically. After years in quarantine Germany has returned to the world stage, and the French are desperate because their efforts to win back their old influence within Europe are failing."

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