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Kemp, Percy

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Le Figaro - France | 18/08/2006

Percy Kemp on the war of ideas

"I confess outright that I'm more shocked by language about the war than the war itself," says Percy Kemp a British writer born of a Lebanese mother. "As long as a half-century ago Krishnamurti [Indian sage 1895-1986] pointed out that contemporary conflicts are different from old conflicts in that they are less about wealth and goods than ideas, and they are concerned less with exploiting resources or people than ideas ... Ideas are different from profit or conquest, for example, insofar as they are not negotiable. And, not being negotiable, they transform political rivals into deadly foes. From a trial of strength war turns into a clash of wills that can end only when one annihilates the other."

Libération - France | 09/05/2006

Europe in a celebratory mood?

In an open letter to the president of the European Commission, the British writer Percy Kemp submits a tongue-in-cheek proposal for breaking Europe's deadlock: "The new Europe should no longer be understood as a marriage of convenience between nation-states, but as an organic union between complementary social castes and professional categories, with each European people bringing their own special gifts into the mix. ... Thus, the French, 73% of whom aspire, it seems, to be civil servants, will constitute the caste of scribes and bureaucrats in the new Europe. ... The Austrians, who succeeded in convincing the entire world that Hitler was German and Beethoven, Austrian, will be Europe's ad-campaign managers. ... And the Poles shall be our stock breeders and farmers (certain will nonetheless be entitled to an exemption allowing them, if they so desire, to work as plumbers)."

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