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Kelen, András

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Népszabadság - Hungary | 19/11/2007

The sport officials' sabotage tactics

At the end of October, Hungarian world champion swimmer Ágnes Kovács withdrew from a doping check saying she had to attend a social engagement. Her excuse was accepted. András Kelen criticises the sports officials for their camouflage tactics: "While the international sport establishment has taken the interests of global sport to heart and is making a resolute effort to end the doping trend, national sports associations are trying to foil its efforts. ...If the establishment allows athletes to perceive doping checks as a burden they can avoid every now and then, the entire world of professional sport will suffer. After all, it has close ties to leisure sport, which in turn plays a vital role in health. But if sport one day loses the last remnants of playfulness it will be reduced to nothing more than a circus attraction."

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