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Keen, Andrew

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Libération - France | 22/08/2007

Andrew Keen accuses the Internet of killing culture

In an interview conducted by Frédérique Roussel, Andrew Keen, a British blogger and author of 'The Cult of the Amateur', denounces the absence of ethics on the Internet. "When I look a the Web, I mainly see cultural and ethical chaos. I note the insidious theft of intellectual property, plagiarism, hardcore pornography, unrelenting spams and intellectual inanity. ... Amateur ethics are so dominant that expertise, talent and knowledge are loosing ground. Superficial political analyses, pathetic videos, unreadable novels. The internet today is like a state of nature closer to Hobbes than to Rousseau, where human behaviour is blossoming without any social rules or regulations. Anarchy. ... The Web 2.0 is killing our culture, taking over our economy and destroying our codes of conduct. All this because of a utopian faith in technological information ."

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