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Kavian, Eva

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La Libre Belgique - Belgium | 15/02/2006

The Brussels book fair

To mark the opening of the Brussels Book Fair on Tuesday, February 14, the Belgian novelist and poet Eva Kavian considers the rationale behind the event. "The Fair hall is a commercial site by definition ... because our political culture does not place culture among its priorities, because the economic choices lie elsewhere. ... According to this logic, the fair has to attract large crowds, lots of ticket-buyers, and thus the big stars, the major publishing houses, giant piles of books that are guaranteed to sell. Book lovers are expected to be buyers, spectators. ... And nonetheless, I have always liked the Book Fair, this myriad of books, these towering mountains that put me in my place and inevitably end up sending me back to my work desk. I seek out the smaller publishers. They are the ones taking the risks today."

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