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Kauffmann, Sylvie

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1.  Le Monde - France | 30/08/2015

Eastern Europe must learn to show solidarity

The tendency of Eastern European states like Hungary to want to seal themselves off rather than take in refugees derives from the history of the ... » more

2.  Le Monde - France | 09/02/2015

Arms for Ukraine will destabilise all Europe

The debate over arms supplies for Ukraine is symptomatic of the general confusion about how to deal with the war in eastern Ukraine, the liberal ... » more

3.  Le Monde - France | 28/10/2013

Loss of trust will cost the US dearly

At their summit meeting at the end of last week, the EU heads of state and government harshly criticised the US for its spying activities ... » more

4.  Le Monde - France | 18/12/2012

Obama can continue with Clinton's work

If Barack Obama now tackles the gun laws, the US could finally put the Bush years behind it and continue where Clinton left off, the ... » more

5.  Le Monde - France | 25/04/2012

Clear signals against German austerity policy

The government in the Netherlands fell on Monday because right-wing populists refused to accept EU austerity measures, while in the French presidential elections the right-wing ... » more

6.  Le Monde - France | 24/06/2011

Give Europe's Indignant prospects

The protests on the squares of Greece and Spain show no sign of letting up. More must be done to integrate the youths into society, ... » more

7.  Le Monde - France | 08/03/2007

Where is woman's place in politics ?

Sylvie Kauffmann considers that women in politics these days are different in their approach to power from women in the 80s and 90s. "A ... » more


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