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Kasper, Walter

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Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - Germany | 27/11/2006

The Pope's perilous visit to Turkey

From the Vatican's point of view, Pope Benedikt XVI's vist to Turkey is an attempt to narrow the rift between the Roman Catholic and the orthodox churches. The German-born Cardinal Walter Kasper, who works in the Curia, explains in an interview with Daniel Deckers: "It has been five hundred years since the last meeting between a Pope and an ecumenical patriarch... This visit is intended to send the message that the church of the East and the church of the West have decided to continue on the path towards reconciliation and achieve complete harmony. The conflicts of the globalised world are forcing Christians closer together, but they are also discovering the things they have in common with Islam and the secularised world. The rapprochement between the churches of the East and the West can also serve to promote the integration of Eastern and Western Europe."

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