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Karstev, Ivan

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Dnevnik - Bulgaria | 22/08/2007

Ivan Krastev on the EU from the Russian perspective

Ivan Krastev directs the Centre for Liberal Strategies in Sofia and is chief editor of the Bulgarian edition of Foreign Policy. His article appeared in the Russian daily 'Vedomosti' before it was published in Bulgarian. The author analyses the interaction between Russia and Europe: "Moscow is hoping that nationalism and a stronger sense of national identity will emerge in certain EU member states. It expects the EU to collapse in the same way the Soviet Union did in the early 1990s. From Moscow's point of view, the European Union is a follow-on utopia of limited duration. ... Cooperation between European political post-modernism and Russia's sovereign democracy could be difficult and even more dangerous than the [relations between] Soviet communism and Western democracy were. Bear this in mind!"

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