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Karlsson, David

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Dagens Nyheter - Sweden | 11/05/2006

The bookseller from Kabul and the global public

The Norwegian journalist Asne Seierstad became a best-selling author after writing her book about Afgahnistan titled "The Bookseller from Kabul". Shah Muhammad Rais, who is the head of family portrayed in the book, felt that the book insulted his honour, threatened to sue the author, and is now in Oslo looking for someone to publish his own version of the story. David Karlsson sees parallels between this and the Danish cartoon row. "Nowadays, the audience is global. This doesn't mean that everything that is said anywhere is understood everywhere else with the same clarity, but the global communicative infrastructure has become so dense that something that is whispered in a far-away corner of the world like Denmark or Norway can trigger a storm in another corner of the world thanks to the echo effect of the media."

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