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Karaiskaki, Tasoula

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Kathimerini - Greece | 20/09/2009

Tasoula Karaiskaki on the jungle in Calais

Tasoula Karaiskaki writes in the Sunday edition of Kathimerini on the jungle in Calais, where hundreds of refugees are living in provisional huts near the harbour: "Ever since the so-called jungle started receiving daily coverage in the mass media the French authorities have been trying to remove this 'disgrace'. … The policy is the same all over Europe. No improvement in the living conditions of those who didn't drown, weren't killed by electric cables, survived the controls and are now wasting away in the dirt, just so that others will be deterred. … The solution to the problem lies in its origin. If the West with its military expansion policy and its predatory economic policy doesn't revise its behaviour and stop exploiting the natural resources of developing countries it won't be able to stop the invasion of the hungry. Each year 2.2 million residency permits are issued in Europe, where 39 million illegal immigrants live. Around 500,000 illegals are arrested and 300,000 are deported. In the past five years two million new arrivals have applied for asylum in the EU. Climate change will create another 200 million refugees - that's half the population of Europe. How long will the walls [that Europe] is building hold?"

Kathimerini - Greece | 18/08/2007

Non-environmentalist protest against wind energy in Greece

The journalist Tasoula Karaiskaki deplores the fact that "municipalities, local groups and unions have made huge efforts this year to avert plans to construct wind parks on their [Greek] islands. Faced with the choice between 'dirty' energy and wind generators, they evidently prefer the former, with their polluting oil-driven power stations that draw heavily on already dwindling natural resources. These protesters are evidently uncomfortable with the idea of roads being opened up to allow the creation of wind parks, but have for years turned a blind eye to the widespread illegal construction on their islands. The development of tourism infrastructure was always the priority, and plans to exploit land for anything other than tourist accommodation have always been treated with skepticism."

Kathimerini - Greece | 12/02/2007

Superficial consumption of culture

The journalist Tasoula Karaiskaki considers how "our ravenous consumer appetites" extend to a range of 'cultural products' that constitute "aspects of a social profile built upon the sterotypes of the wealthy, stylish, literate and 'in'". She refers to "the work of French literature professor Pierre Bayard, whose recently published book 'How to Talk About Books One Has Not Read – although destined for a narrow circle of university professors – has become a best seller and copies are selling like hot cakes at supermarkets and airports. His method is simple and established. Even if you haven't read the dust jacket of a particular book you can criticize it perfectly using pompous and abstract expressions which will impress the ignorant and flatter the author. ... In reality, one merely ends up replacing ignorance with cliches. There is no substitute for concentrated reading, listening and the soul-searching that accompanies these activities."

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