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Kamann, Matthias

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Die Welt - Germany | 30/05/2006

Handke's affinity for the Serbs

Matthias Kamann tries to understand Austrian writer Peter Handke and his affinity towards the Serbs. The decision to award Mr. Handke the Heinrich Heine Prize is currently the subject of heated debate in Germany. "For this village boy born in 1942 in Griffen-Altenmarkt, the big country on the other side of the mountains represented the better world, the truly poetic world. In the shabbiness of this other world the milieu of the small farmer, which in Austria had been squeezed out of existence by modernisation, lived on, and its mixed population stood up against the Nazis whom the young genius in Kärnten saw as a greater threat for this country than for Germany.... The tone that Handke adopted in his four war books after 1989 was not a new tone; he maintained his usual distance from all journalese and instead continued to seek out the company of the small things in the meadows and the simple people of the villages, where he believed he had found a poetry-endowed truth."

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