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Kalukin, Rafał

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Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland | 19/05/2009

Tusk's meeting with dockers pointless

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk talked on Monday to Polish shipyard workers about the future of the shipbuilding industry. The liberal daily Gazeta Wyborcza sees the talks as futile because the government has no means of saving the companies: "The Solidarność and OPZZ [trade unions] did not attend the prime minister's debate about the future of the Gdansk shipyard. The prime minister therefore spoke to the representatives of two [other] organisations. But the idea of holding this debate was wrong right from the start. After all, what could Prime Minister Tusk tell the Solidarność unionists? That the government has no instruments left to save a private company that is going bankrupt. There was a time when it did. But that wasn't the current government but its predecessor, the Law and Justice Party [now in opposition], as well as a few earlier governments."

Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland | 27/10/2007

Wojciech P. Duda on prosperity as a guarantee for democracy

A maximum improvement in the popular masses' chances of achieving prosperity is the only guarantee for the continued existence of a liberal-democratic order," writes Wojciech P. Duda, chief editor of the Gdansk-based quarterly Przegląd Polityczny. Talking to Rafał Kalukin he contends that Poland is currently facing a challenge similar to the one Germany confronted after 1945. "How can we secure a freedom that is threatened by the dark side of the Polish soul? There can be only one answer: to provide equal opportunities and guarantee prosperity. We must learn the lesson the West has learned. When [Prime Minister elect] Donald Tusk talks of liberal economic policies and collective social policies he is addressing this very problem."

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