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Kalnoky, Boris

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Pesti Srácok - Hungary | 14/06/2015

German press conveys false image of Orbán

The criticism of the Hungarian government in German media is often fanciful and exaggerated, a recent study by the German Council on Foreign Relations shows. Boris Kalnoky, the Hungary correspondent of the German daily Die Welt, shares this view on the conservative news website Pesti Srácok: "It is unacceptable for the German press to write that the Hungarian government is racist, xenophobic, anti-Roma or anti-Semitic. … Individual German press organs have attacked Orbán mainly for three reasons: firstly, the liberal system of values doesn't like national conservative governments. While some German journalists are left-leaning, Viktor Orbán is right-oriented. Secondly, there is a problem with the editing: German editing departments use negative headlines for their articles about Hungary. Thirdly, this may just be a suspicion but I believe that the German journalists mentioned above have contacts with opposition politicians and parties in Hungary and adopt their views."

Die Welt - Germany | 22/01/2007

The murder in Turkey of the journalist Hrant Dink

"The fatal bullets aimed at Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink were fired 'against Turkey,' said Prime Minister Erdogan. This catch phrase is being repeated throughout Turkish society, from General Staff Chief Büyükanit to the news media," writes Boris Kalnoky, commenting: "In fact, the opposite is true. Dink was the victim of Turkish society; it was society that fired the shots. The media had reported on the many trials against Dink. And so he was marked as a traitor. Because he said things that one is not allowed to say in Turkey: That the founder of modern Turkey, Atatürk, adopted an Armenian orphan girl (Dink himself was an orphan), and that there was a genocide against the Armenians... Now everyone who used to shove him into a corner wants to be called 'Hrant Dink': politicians, bureaucrats and opinion leaders. None of them will ever experience personally what it means to be hunted by Turkish society."

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