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Kaletsky, Anatole

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1.  The Times - United Kingdom | 23/11/2011

Germany declares war on the EU

Backed by Germany's Bundesbank German Chancellor Angela Merkel has declared war on the other EU states, writes the conservative daily The Times: "The Bundesbank policy ... » more

2.  The Times - United Kingdom | 17/08/2011

Exclude Germany to save the euro

Despite their demonstrative consensus Paris and Berlin do not share a common vision of Europe, the conservative daily The Times writes, naming Germany as the ... » more

3.  The Times - United Kingdom | 18/05/2011

Possibility of plot against Strauss-Kahn

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the head of the IMF charged with attempted rape, is being confronted with a growing number of fresh allegations against him. No one ... » more

4.  The Times - United Kingdom | 21/04/2010

Adopting the euro would be a catastrophe for Britain

The British Liberal Democrats support Britain's accession to the Eurozone. For the daily The Times such a move would be disastrous: "The main advantage for ... » more

5.  The Times - United Kingdom | 21/08/2008

Airport monopoly broken up

Yesterday, the British Competition Commission ruled that airport operator BAA will have to sell several airports in London and Scotland. The Times describes the decision ... » more

6.  The Times - United Kingdom | 01/11/2007

UK clocks out of step with the rest of Europe

Anatole Kaletsky would like to see the UK join the European time zone. "Government apologists say that the case for changing our clocks remains unproven, ... » more

7.  The Times - United Kingdom | 12/04/2007

Anatole Kaletsky on the trivial upheavals of modern times

"Never in human history has life been more predictable, safe and stable - at least for that large minority of the human race who live ... » more

8.  The Times - United Kingdom | 26/01/2006

The meaning of Davos

Columnist Adrian Kaletsky reflects on Davos, an annual, week-long conclave of global nabobs on a remote Swiss mountaintop. "The combination of faddishness and consensus-orientated conventional ... » more


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