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Kala, Martin

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6 articles of this author have been cited in the European Press Review so far.

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1.  Postimees - Estonia | 28/05/2010

Lukashenko profits from Eurovision

The Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko is using the his country's entry in this year's Eurovision Song Contest, which features the performers wearing butterfly costumes for ... » more

2.  Postimees - Estonia | 12/06/2009

Estonia missing the crisis boat

Times of crisis often give birth to particularly creative ideas, the daily Postimees writes, bemoaning the fact that this is hardly the case in Estonia: ... » more

3.  Postimees - Estonia | 04/02/2009

European aid is ineffective

The Europeans' difficulties in finding a common foreign policy also render their aid measures ineffective, writes the daily Postimees: "No one doubts that European aid ... » more

4.  Postimees - Estonia | 17/11/2008

Media creates fear

The daily Postimees detects a growing sense of fear among Western populations that is fanned by the media: "People in the West spend a lot ... » more

5.  Postimees - Estonia | 26/06/2008

The unresolved border issue

The Estonian newspaper calls on participants at the EU-Russia summit to address topics otherwise put on the back burner: "The question of the border treaty ... » more

6.  Postimees - Estonia | 09/10/2007

Populism poses threat to EU reform treaty

Martin Kala fears the rise of populism in several European member states could hinder the adoption of the EU reform treaty this autumn. "Populist politicians ... » more


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