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Kahn, Sylvain

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Libération - France | 24/01/2006

A Marshall plan for universities

Sylvain Kahn, a history professor at the Paris Institute for Political Studies, believes that "a recent proposal by Bronislaw Geremek to establish a University of Europe in Strasbourg is elitist, misleading and dangerous... Limited as they may be, Europe's current achievements represent a solid base for moving forward. How? With a European Marshall plan for the university. Overseen by the EU, it would rely on a large investment fund for higher education. What educational establishments are most lacking is not a definition of curricula and their content! What they need is to restore confidence, credit and dignity to the entire community of academics, students and researchers... This plan will reinvigorate... academic excellence on the one hand, and enhance the cohesiveness of the university's social and territorial fabric, on the other."   

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