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Kämmerlings, Richard

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Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - Germany | 30/01/2008

German literature lacks currency

Richard Kämmerlings complains that there is little modernity in German contemporary literature: "Should we rather call it 'today's literature of the past'? Take a look at the latest German bestsellers, or at the range of themes handled by our novelists: you can't miss the remarkable limitation. It dominates the scene: on one hand, there are historical figures like in the books of Kehlmann or Trojanow, and on the other hand, family stories (John von Düffel!). At best, it's a combination of both, such as with the prize-winning authors Arno Geiger and Julia Franck. ... As a reader, you start to starve, after eating from only one food group. What's missing is the stuff that forms our lives beyond the private sphere: the economy, technology, medicine, the military, even media. It's easy to explain why this is happening. But it's harder to explain why no one reacts. These days, a writer generally has absolutely no idea about these highly sophisticated systems, with their inherent logic and terminology."

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - Germany | 16/02/2006

The Turkish film "The Valley of Wolves"

Since this week the Turkish film "The valley of Wolves" has been showing in German cinemas. The film portrays the Turks as the spearhead of Islam in the war against the Americans, and has met with great success, particularly with Turkish audiences. Richard Kämmerlings warns that the film's impact should not be played down. "Naturally, absolute evil is the shallow premise of action films. Hollywood's Nazi battalions, the Asians in World War films and Vietnam films, the Russians in 'Rambo' or the Indians are all typcial of this genre; their deaths are usually mourned by audiences as little as the shooting of the 'dumb' G.Is. But there's a lot more behind the scenes of this gripping action film, with all its sophisticated special effects. 'Valley of Wolves' wants to be regarded as a statement about the clash of civilisations." The journalist goes on to describe the film's most scandalous scene: a doctor selects "imprisoned Iraqis for organ removal while they're still alive. The organs are to be shipped to the US, Great Britain and Israel."

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