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Kadaré, Ismail

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La Repubblica - Italy | 24/04/2007

Ismail Kadare describes Albania under communism

"Albania was a nightmare", explains the Albanian writer Ismail Kadare in an interview given in Paris where he sought refuge in 1990. The author evokes life in his country during the communist dictatorship of Envar Hoxha [1945-1985] and his book 'The Eagle' [1995], an allegorical fable that evokes this period during which several tens of thousands of people were killed or persecuted. "The difficulty was in managing to keep on writing by mastering self-censorship ... . The regime knew that I disapproved of it and I knew it knew. It was strange. I was protected by the success of my books abroad, but I was still a prisoner like everyone else ... . During the years of the dictatorship, daily reality consisted in dreaming of escape and the impossibility of escape. 'The Eagle' may resemble a fable, but it evokes the destiny of Albanians that could be summed up as a simple alternative: to fall or not to fall".

El Mundo - Spain | 17/08/2006

Ismail Kadare on the curse of the Balkans

Albanian writer Ismail Kadare assesses the European dreams of the peoples of the Balkan peninsual. "After shrugging off the Ottoman yoke, they have tried one after the other to unite with Mother Europe. But they are all branded by the ring of Ottoman slavery. It has caused Europe to long regard them with aloofness and mistrust. Yet, like all characters in ancient mythology, they have tried to forget their accursed mark. Thanks to memories of other times Greece was the first to be accepted back into the fold. Romania and Bulgaria are still waiting for their welcome. But there is one, indisputably Balkan, area, that of the Western Balkans ... Five countries - Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia, who seem repentent and innoncent, are now waiting for the verdict of their mother continent. All five still wear the infamous ring, that mark of slavery."

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