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Kaczynski, Piotr

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The Irish Times - Ireland | 01/08/2006

Labour migrations in Europe

"Up to two million Poles have left their country since the 2004 EU enlargement. The most popular destinations are, so far, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Who leaves? Why do they leave? Will they come back?" asks Piotr Kaczynski, a political analyst at Poland's Institute of Public Affairs. "The most numerous migrants are young, dynamic, skilled and educated Poles. Normally they should have no problems finding a job in Poland. But if you can earn five or 10 times more abroad, why bother working at home?" But Kacynski is sanguine about the future. "With lower unemployment, higher wages, and more EU money inflow into the Polish economy (up to 4 per cent of the GDP), there will be even greater economic growth, which is already exceeding 5 per cent a year. At some point Poland will grow to be a very attractive place not only to invest, but also to live."

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