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Kaczmarek, Michael

Kaczmarek, Michael

Michael Kaczmarek is a political scientist and journalist. He currently lives in Madrid.

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The author has so far published 6 articles on euro|topics.

1.  Debate | 07/03/2008

Spain seeks its identity

On 9 March, Spain will elect a new parliament. Economic and social themes have dominated the campaign, but in fact all major issues effecting Spain are on the table. » more

2.  Debate | 13/12/2007

The Road to the EU Reform Treaty

The EU Reform Treaty was signed in Lisbon in mid-December. It needs to be ratified by all twenty-seven member states before it can enter force. But who will decide whether the treaty is adopted or not? The national parliaments or the people?
» more

3.  Debate | 27/09/2007

The Mosque Controversy

In many European countries plans to build new mosques have become a political issue. Intellectuals are taking sides and politicians are using the issue to boost their own image while citizens look sceptically at the plans of Muslim organisations to construct imposing religious buildings to demonstrate their newly found self-confidence. » more

4.  Debate | 20/06/2007

Gas Pipelines: The Battle against Energy Dependence

The race for energy reserves is entering a crucial phase. Contracts are being signed and pipelines planned that will determine who controls the world's most important energy resources over the coming decades. Meanwhile, the countries of the EU are unsuccessfully trying to reduce their dependence on Russia. » more

5.  Debate | 05/03/2007

The Debate on the EU Constitution

A new legal framework for the expanded EU is to be enacted by spring 2009. The question of whether Europeans should end up with a constitution, a treaty, or a multi-speed Europe is currently the subject of vigorous debate. » more

6.  Interview | 05/03/2007

"A mini-treaty represents a mini-Europe"

José Ignacio Torreblanca, Senior Analyst for European Affairs at the Elcano Royal Institute in Madrid and Professor at Madrid's UNED University, spoke with euro|topics about the European Constitution and its ratification crisis. The political scientist is in favour of the Constitution and argues that its failure could be the end of a unitary European Union. » more

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