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Kacimi, Mohamed

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Libération - France | 07/10/2006

Mohamed Kacimi on the rejection of Arab intellectuals

In an interview conducted by Jean-Luc Allouche, the Algerian writer Mohamed Kacimi, who has been living in France for 25 years, regrets the lack of debate in the Arab world. "The entire history of Islam and of the Arab world is a history of the brushing aside, if not the condemning to death, of intellectuals. Ever since the decapitation of the inventor of prose, Ibn Al Muqaffa, in the 8th century, via the martyr of Hallaj in the 9th century, up until the assassinations of Farag Foda, Gibran and Samir Kassir. Any intellectual who does not speak in the name of the Prince or, even better, of God is suspect. Anyone who speaks to the community of neither dreams nor fantasies, but of truths, is ipso facto labelled 'miscreant' and 'traitor'. This intellectual misery can be measured by recalling that the funeral of Naguib Mahfouz only mustered 200 people, while the sermon of any obscure imam draws thousands of people."

Libération - France | 02/08/2006

Mohamed Kacimi on Lebanese democracy

The Algerian writer Mohamed Kacimi argues that "razing Lebanon" amounts to wreaking havoc in the most tolerant of Arab regimes. "At the moment when Bush's America dreams of inculcating or inoculating democracy across the Middle East, it would be worthwhile to keep in mind that Lebanon is today the only country in the Arab world to boast a free press and television and free elections. A country where one can pray in Arab, Syriac or Greek in Orthodox or Catholic churches, without being lynched as in Alexandria, or beheaded as in Algiers. A country where women are free, like nowhere else, to appear in public during Ramadan with their glass of wine or their cigarette without being subjected to vitriol. ... It is not Hizbullah that is being smashed, it is the one and only Arab space of freedom, creativity and subversion that is being destroyed."

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