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Jenko, Miha

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1.  Delo - Slovenia | 03/07/2015

Slovenians shouldn't pay for German banks

A Greek state bankruptcy could cost Slovenian taxpayers up to 1.6 billion euros, the centre-left daily Delo writes angrily and calls for the Western European ... » more

2.  Delo - Slovenia | 13/12/2013

Slovenians can't go on paying for banks

Slovenia published the results of its bank stress test on Thursday, according to which the country's banks need only 4.8 billion euros to fill the ... » more

3.  Delo - Slovenia | 22/10/2013

Dijsselbloem's visit to Slovenia a bad omen

Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the head of the Eurogroup, travelled to Ljubljana on Monday to discuss Slovenia's reform policy. Slovenia has repeatedly been named as the next ... » more

4.  Delo - Slovenia | 07/05/2013

Crisis tax will aggravate Slovenia's problems

The Slovenian government announced on Monday plans to introduce a "crisis tax" on all income in July. The VAT is also to be increased in ... » more

5.  Delo - Slovenia | 05/04/2013

Don't let rumours make Slovenia bailout reality

In recent weeks a number of international media, including US news channel CNN, have speculated that Slovenia will be the next euro country to apply ... » more

6.  Delo - Slovenia | 25/02/2013

Borisov's resignation exemplary

The resignation of the Bulgarian government following massive protests against high electricity prices and Prime Minister Boiko Borisov has improved Bulgaria's image abroad, writes columnist ... » more

7.  Delo - Slovenia | 13/02/2012

Slovenia does away with cultural ministry

Slovenia's new conservative Prime Minister Janez Janša has abolished the country's ministry of culture, allocating its areas of competence to the country's Ministry of Education ... » more

8.  Delo - Slovenia | 18/01/2012

Slovenia's debt brake calms markets

The heads of all Slovenian parliamentary parties reached a general consensus on amending the constitution to include a debt brake, however the upper limit for ... » more

9.  Delo - Slovenia | 07/04/2011

Slovenia's economy too inflexible

The refrigeration technology specialist Secop is planning to cut 700 of the 1,000 jobs at its Slovenian factory in Črnomelj and shift production to a ... » more

10.  Delo - Slovenia | 13/01/2011

Finance minister endangers Slovenia's credit rating

Slovenia's Court of Audit has called on Prime Minister Borut Pahor to dismiss Finance Minister Franc Križanič on account of mistakes his ministry committed in ... » more


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