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Javurek, Peter

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1.  Pravda - Slovakia | 11/11/2015

British roulette for Europe

The EU shouldn't let itself be lulled by Cameron's recommendation to the British that they vote against a Brexit, writes the left-leaning daily Pravda, pointing ... » more

2.  Pravda - Slovakia | 04/11/2014

Merkel speaks for all Europe

The attempts of British Prime Minister David Cameron to restrict freedom of movement have galvanised not just Berlin but all Europe into action, the left-leaning ... » more

3.  Pravda - Slovakia | 30/10/2014

The problem is not the Internet but Orbàn

The protests are not just about the Internet; Hungary's future is at stake, the left-leaning daily Pravda writes: "The Hungarians aren't protesting because they don't ... » more

4.  Pravda - Slovakia | 10/09/2014

Peace more likely than truth coming to light

Although the preliminary report gives many indications of what happened on the day of the plane crash it will be virtually impossible to clarify the ... » more

5.  Pravda - Slovakia | 15/04/2014

Kiev helpless and out of its depth

Kiev's offer of a referendum will hardly change the chaotic situation in Ukraine for which the current leadership is also partly to blame, the left-leaning ... » more

6.  Pravda - Slovakia | 02/01/2014

The Eurozone thrives and gains Latvia

Latvia became the 18th EU member to switch to the euro on January 1. The left-leaning daily Pravda writes that Slovakia's joining the Eurozone five ... » more

7.  Pravda - Slovakia | 29/10/2013

Zeman wants to take revenge on his old party

Three days after the parliamentary elections, conflicts within the Czech Social Democratic Party are coming to a head. Supporters of President Zeman are demanding the ... » more

8.  Pravda - Slovakia | 25/10/2013

Czech Social Democrats put to the test

The Czechs will decide the composition of the new parliament in Prague in a snap election this Friday and Saturday. More than anything else the ... » more

9.  Pravda - Slovakia | 10/06/2013

Floods not making mankind change its ways

The current flood disaster highlights how mankind is stubbornly ignoring the climate changes it is causing, the left-leaning daily Pravda writes: "Germany and the Czech ... » more

10.  Pravda - Slovakia | 29/10/2012

Peter Juvarek on the Czechs' and Slovaks' parting of ways

The Czech Republic and Slovakia commemorated on Sunday the founding of the joint state, Czechoslovakia, in 1918 - the Czechs with an official public holiday ... » more


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