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Isaila, Emilian

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1.  Ziare - Romania | 28/11/2015

Romania's mafia-like authorities cause deaths

Three top emergency officials were suspended from office on Friday in Romania. Media research revealed information that contradicted their claim that they had not been ... » more

2.  Ziare - Romania | 11/01/2015

The fight against Islamism begins in Syria

After the rallies in support of the victims of the terror attacks in Paris, the heads of state and government must come up with a ... » more

3.  Ziare - Romania | 06/11/2014

TV duel a precondition for presidency

Romania's two presidential candidates are currently working out the details for a televised duel. While Sibiu's Mayor Klaus Iohannis wants a lively debate broadcast by ... » more

4.  Ziare - Romania | 25/02/2013

Romania must finally talk about homophobia

At least 50 right-wing extremists stormed into a cinema in Bucharest last week and disrupted the projection of a film about homosexuals. They shouted slogans ... » more

5.  Adevârul - Romania | 21/09/2012

Lying nostalgia in Romania

According to a study by the Soros Foundation Romania, more than half of the country's youths believe that life was better under Ceauşescu although they ... » more

6.  Adevârul - Romania | 10/05/2012

Europa League finale makes Bucharest a world city

In the finale of the Europa League on Wednesday in Bucharest, Atlético Madrid beat its opponent Athletic Bilbao 3-0. Roughly 25,000 of the more than ... » more

7.  Adevârul - Romania | 16/07/2010

Romanian media shares guilt for pop star's death

The surprising suicide of Romanian pop singer Mădălina Manole on her 43rd birthday has sparked a major debate in the media. But the media itself ... » more

8.  Adevârul - Romania | 08/07/2010

Romania curtails cheating in final exams

Only 67 percent of Romanian secondary school pupils passed their final exams this year, roughly ten percent less than in previous years. The Education Ministry ... » more

9.  Adevârul - Romania | 01/04/2010

Endemic corruption in Romanian judiciary

The Romanian MP Cătălin Voicu was placed in custody pending trial this week, charged with having bribed several judges. Hundreds of judges have protested openly ... » more

10.  Adevârul - Romania | 13/10/2009

Church profits from belief in miracles

Large numbers of people are making pilgrimages to the northern Romanian city of Iaşi this October to worship Saint Paraskeva, the patron saint of the ... » more


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