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Hoch, Marc

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Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | 12/06/2007

The Kosovo deadlock

Marc Hoch believes that further negotiations on the Kosovo statute would be "pointless". "They would only serve to delay the urgent process of finding a solution to the Kosovo problem. The Ahtisaari plan proposes conditional independence, but the Russians have brushed it aside with the argument that it would set a precedent that would encourage the thousands of separatists on this earth to seek independence from their mother countries. But what do they mean by precedent? Nowhere else are conditions the same as in Kosovo, which since 1999 has been under UN administration and has been de facto independent for a long time now. There are two million Albanians with their own language, culture and government there, compared to 100,000 Serbs. But the Albanians have no ties with Serbia because for most of the 20th century Serbia, with its unjust policies, prevented the Albanians from expressing their culture and exercising their human rights. Kosovo is a unique case."

Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | 30/10/2006

Serbia is hanging on to Kosovo

In an interview with Marc Hoch, Franz-Lothar Altmann, an expert on the Balkans, says the future status of Kosovo will be decided after the parliamentary and presidential elections in december and by the UN Security Council. According to Altmann, the low turnout in the constitutional referendum is evidence of "the growing understanding among the people of the country that Kosovo has been lost. The Serbs accept the politicians' continual arguments that Kosovo should remain a Serbian province, but this no longer the major political issue for them. For the people of Serbia the important questions now are how to improve their living standards and how to achieve EU membership. Kosovo is more of an obstacle than anything else in resolving these issues."

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