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Hladnik-Milharcic, Ervin

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Dnevnik - Slovenia | 10/10/2013

Prevent tragedies with modern technology

With today's modern technology refugee tragedies like the one off Lampedusa are basically avoidable, the left-liberal daily Dnevnik comments, and calls on the EU to act in consequence: "The European Union has four small vessels, two helicopters and two aircraft for monitoring ship traffic in the southern Mediterranean. That's all the entire continent deploys to prevent the death en masse of refugees and economic migrants fleeing to Europe from North Africa. ... After this latest tragedy off Lampedusa the European Commission has started talking about maybe buying another ship. It would be good if this happened quickly because the number of deaths is comparable with the figures for war victims. Perhaps they should even resort to military means to save civilians."

Dnevnik - Slovenia | 15/06/2009

Ahmadinejad promises calm at any cost

The Slovenian daily Dnevnik writes on the outcome of the presidential elections in Iran: "The people who were part of the first attempt at reform that sought to alter the regime under the leadership of President Mohammad Khatami are now afraid that even the formal principles of democracy have been done away with. Suspicions that election results were tampered with are rife, and few suspect that the strict customs of the Iranian regime could be subject to the democratic will of the Iranian people. ... The state's response to the widespread mistrust is consistent with the results. Meetings, mobile phones and demonstrations have been banned, Internet access restricted and protests broken up. On Saturday evening it smelled of burning cars and tear gas in Tehran. On Sunday morning everything was back to normal. [President Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad promises that Iran will remain calm at any cost."

Dnevnik - Slovenia | 02/04/2009

Hladnik Milharčič on the current world order

Slovenian journalist Ervin Hladnik Milharčič reflects in his column for the daily Dnevnik on the current world order: "What has become of the clash of civilisations? Six months ago the world was about to be destroyed by terrorists, the planet was on its last legs, but at least the world order was intact. On the one side you had civilisation, on the other the Muslims. We were immersed in a battle for survival. And then suddenly everything went quiet. Who won? … The war on terrorism was a serious matter in the context of the clash of civilisations. How could this global war simply have been erased from our vocabulary? Particularly in view of the fact that police stations are still being blown up in Iraq, terrorists are still occupying police academies in Pakistan and the Taliban is producing so much opium in Afghanistan that Russia and Iran are slowly collapsing as a result of the low price of heroin. It's almost as if the Islamists and their opponents had found a common language. [Meanwhile] the war against global terrorism continues, but now it goes under the name of the war against the global economic crisis."

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