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Hillion, Jacques

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1.  Le Jeudi - Luxembourg | 22/10/2015

EU's fear of refugees is laughable

It's unacceptable that a number of EU states still oppose distribution quotas for the refugees, the centre-left weekly Le Jeudi writes: "All of these blockades ... » more

2.  Le Jeudi - Luxembourg | 26/03/2015

France's left could offer voters more

The French left did not lose as many votes as the polls had predicted in the first round of the departmental elections on Sunday. The ... » more

3.  Le Jeudi - Luxembourg | 29/01/2015

Compromise could thwart Eurosceptics

By seeking dialogue with the new Greek government the EU can also send a signal to other Eurosceptic states, the left-liberal weekly Le Jeudi writes: ... » more

4.  Le Jeudi - Luxembourg | 18/12/2014

CIA methods destroy democracy

The CIA's enhanced interrogation techniques in the fight against terror are not only inefficient but also hurt our democracies, the left-liberal weekly magazine le Jeudi ... » more

5.  Le Jeudi - Luxembourg | 11/04/2013

Hollande must do more to tackle illicit funds

In the wake of the scandal over former budget minister Jérôme Cahuzac's undeclared wealth, French President François Hollande has presented a series of measures to ... » more

6.  Le Jeudi - Luxembourg | 21/03/2013

Euro Group pushes Cyprus into role of victim

Catastrophic communication on the part of the Euro Group has allowed Cyprus to cast itself successfully as the victim, the left-liberal weekly Le Jeudi writes: ... » more

7.  Le Jeudi - Luxembourg | 14/04/2011

Goals must be disclosed

The Nato military mission in Libya has both overt and covert goals, the weekly paper Le Jeudi writes, and calls for transparency: "The avowed goal ... » more

8.  Le Jeudi - Luxembourg | 07/10/2010

Luxembourg's Grand Duke makes his mark

Ten years ago Grand Duke Henri ascended to the throne in Luxembourg and since then much has changed in the country, writes the weekly Le ... » more

9.  Le Jeudi - Luxembourg | 23/09/2010

Why Luxembourg is discredited

French Prime Minister François Fillon has apologised to Luxembourg's Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker for the anti-Luxembourg statements of French Senator Philippe Marini, who had said ... » more

10.  Le Jeudi - Luxembourg | 17/12/2009

The people know what they want from Copenhagen

The climate summit in Copenhagen ends today, but there is still no agreement on a final declaration. Nevertheless society already knows what's got to be ... » more


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