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Helvig, Jean-Michel

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1.  La République des Pyrénées - France | 03/02/2014

Catholics defend outdated family model

More than 100,000 people gathered in Paris and Lyon on Sunday to protest against the government's family policy and for a more traditional way of ... » more

2.  La République des Pyrénées - France | 15/01/2014

François Hollande's pleasing metamorphosis

The regional paper La République des Pyrénées can't warm to Hollande's new image as a feisty social democrat: "Everything was ready for the press conference ... » more

3.  La République des Pyrénées - France | 30/10/2013

Paris gives in to the Bretons

After the protests in Brittany on the weekend, the French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault announced on Tuesday that the introduction of the "ecotax" on heavy ... » more

4.  La République des Pyrénées - France | 04/09/2013

France's indigestible school reform

Since the start of the school year on Tuesday, France has extended its four-day school week to four and a half days. But not all ... » more

5.  La République des Pyrénées - France | 19/06/2013

Tax resolutions don't go far enough

The G8's declarations of intent on the joint fight against tax avoidance are still too hesitant, the regional daily La République des Pyrenées writes: "Although ... » more

6.  La République des Pyrénées - France | 14/01/2013

Hollande won't give up on same-sex marriage

Hundreds of thousands of protesters demonstrated in Paris on Sunday against the Socialist government's plans to introduce same-sex marriage. The regional paper La République des ... » more

7.  Libération - France | 03/01/2006

Mitterrand France's favourite president

"In the pantheon of presidents of the Fifth Republic, those who were most recently in power have an advantage over their predecessors," Jean-Michel Helvig finds ... » more

8.  Libération - France | 29/12/2005

Europe's regionalist temptation

"It is yet to fully come to terms with enlargement, but already another specter is stalking Europe: regrouping," writes Jean-Michel Helvig. "We see Catalonia demanding ... » more


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